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Selected Publications

Multiple-View Geometry of General Algebraic Curves,
joint with A. Shashua,
International Journal of Computer Vision, 56(3), p.195-219, 2004.

A General Framework for Trajectory Triangulation,
joint with M. Teicher,
Journal of Mathematical Imaging and Vision, 21(1), p.27-41, 2004, MR2075715.

Recovering an Algebraic Curve from its Projections Onto Different Planes,
joint with M. Fryers and M. Teicher,
Journal of the European Mathematical Society, 7(2), p. 145-282, 2005, MR2127992 (2006d:68229)

Algebraic Curves in Structure From Motion,
joint with M. Teicher,
Chapter in 'Computer Vision and Robotics',
Nova Science Publishers, 2005.

Trisecant Lemma for Non-Equidimensional Varieties,
joint with A. Kanel-Belov and M. Teicher,
Russian Version in Fundamental' naya i prikladnaya matematika (Fundamental and Applied Mathematics), vol. 12, no. 2, 2006, MR2249693 (2007k:14111).
English Version in Journal of Mathematical Sciences, Vol. 149, No. 2, 2008.

Single Image Head Orientation and Gaze Detection,
joint with D. Knaan and A. Shavit,
Machine Vision and Applications, (Journal of
The International Association for Pattern Recognition), 21(1), p.85-98, 2009.

Multi-secant Lemma,
joint with A. Kanel-Belov and M. Teicher,

Israel Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 177, Number 1, pp. 253-266, 2010.

Using Discriminant Curves to Recover a Surface of P4 from Two Linear Projections,
joint with Y. Sepulcre,
Preceedings of International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computations, San-Jose, CA, June 2011.

H. Farkas, J.Y. Kaminski and E. Yakubov,
AMS Contemporary Mathematics, 627, p.69-90, 2014.

H. Farkas and J.Y. Kaminski,
Israel Journal of Mathematics, Vol. 205, pp. 453-469, 2015. 

J.Y. Kaminski, R. Shorten and E. Zeheb, 
Systems & Control Letters 85, pp. 95-99, 2015.

J.Y. Kaminski,
to appear in Discrete and Continuous Dynamical Systems - Series S (Special Issue on Control and Optimization), 9 pages.

Intrinsic and apparent singularities in flat differential systems,
J.Y. Kaminski, J. Levine and F. Ollivier, 
to appear in Systems & Control Letters, 9 pages.